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12th - 15th May 2017

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Autumn Summer Issue No 127 - Women and Poverty
Editorial  Being powerless is one of the most difficult human experiences to cope with - we seem, as human animals, to be predisposed towards taking action, to the extent of being anxious if we can't do so. Of course, we're all powerless in so many ways, most of which are trivial: 'Why doesn't that bus come?', 'Why do I have to keep waiting to speak to a representative on the telephone while they keep on playing music I don't want to hear and assuring me that m,y call is important to them?' 'Why has my computer lost that document?'...

And of course we all feel powerless to do anything significant about over-arching issues such as world peace, the situation of refugees, or the future of the planet. But in the west, our powerlessness on a personal level is seldom brought home to us urgently. Our situation differs from that of so many women throughout the world, where powerlessness is combined with a degree of poverty barely imaginable to us . . .


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